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You are already on this journey

Every organisation is unique but you will be somewhere along the journey of full GDPR compliance. Our mission is to help you find your blind spots and build out your strengths across your organisation to enable you to achieve real-time and auditable compliance.

What is Data Solver

Data Solver is a Privacy Program Management Consultancy. We work with your organisation to develop privacy programs that are fit for purpose and utilise IT led solutions where appropriate to deliver:


  • End-to-end GDPR compliance
  • In-built privacy by design
  • A bridge between cyber security and DPO compliance

Data Solver enables organisations to comply with the GDPR

Data Protection Impact Assessment

• Automated Case Management

• Accessible questions and templates

• Risk mapping

• GDPR Audits

Request Processing

• Right to Access Case Management

• Suite of templates

• Secure redaction

Record of Processing Activities

• Decision tree for purpose of processing personal data

• Consent management and data mapping

• Third-party privacy vetting

Breach Management

• Breach risk assessment

• Investigation management

• Notification processing

Data Minimisation

• Right to Erasure Case Management

• Blocking and suppression of personal data

• Refusals and objections to personal data processing

Reasons to choose privacy management software 

End-to-end Programme Management

Automated risk register and recommendations

System-driven audit and reviews

Configurable templates

Capability for you to provide “DPO as a service”

Configuration and whitelabelling options available

What we do

“25 May is not the end. It is the beginning.” (Elizabeth Denham – ICO e-newsletter April 2018)


We agree! GDPR is about the future, and it paves the way for ethical and transparent business development. Data Solver is here to help your business establish good privacy and security practices, and to support your organisation to develop new and innovative ways of managing personal data.


Whilst some GDPR solution providers will focus on the risk of large fines for non-compliance, here at Data Solver we firmly believe in focusing on the business benefits of compliance – helping your organisation to reduce corporate risk by protecting your personal data, demonstrating privacy by design, and helping your board to manage risks as they arise.

Why us?

Our combined legal and technical backgrounds mean we are uniquely placed to offer a blend of privacy program management and software solutions. Our services are available to suit a broad range of organisational needs and can be configured to meet the bespoke needs of your organisation. Giving you the means of ensuring real-time compliance and risk management.



Data Solver simplifies the complexity of GDPR compliance through the application of our legal experience, use of technology and plain English. We help organisations to achieve real-time operational compliance which is both faster and cheaper than many alternative consultancy and IT-led solutions.