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Cyber UK 2018: Innovation in Cyber Security and GDPR

Cyber UK 2018: Innovation in Cyber Security and GDPR

The National Cyber Security Centre’s Flagship event, Cyber UK 2018 has been an exciting conference this year. As one of the few businesses selected as a part of the curated event at Cyber UK 2018, Data Solver is proud to demonstrate its software at this event. With the upcoming GDPR deadline, the realm of Data Protection, Privacy and Cyber security has had an increased interest. Data Solver is pleased to be a part of this NCSC event.

The 3 day event brought together over a thousand information security professionals inclusive of service providers, professionals in procurement and delivery and expert speakers in the area of Cyber Security. It was fascinating to see the evolution of GDPR and its close connection with Cyber Security, aimed at protecting privacy and personal information of individuals.

For attendees, it provided a great opportunity to learn about the latest security threats, solutions and business opportunities. Designated as one of the largest and wide ranging event for Cyber Security, the event eminent players in Government, Academia and industry. It also offered the opportunity to network with key service providers and develop partnerships to enable address the challenges of Cyber Security.

Data Solver is proud to share the spotlight with Cyber UK 2018 with our take on innovation to simplify GDPR. The showcase provided an opportunity for Data Solver to demonstrate its approach towards simplifying the GDPR and offering technology led solutions for with wider challenge of Cyber Security and Data Privacy.

With a great experience and exciting conversations, Data Solver is looking forward to the next opportunity to meet inspiring people in the realm of security and Business process efficiency.


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