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Data Solver at InfoSec 2018 – GDPR is Business-As-Usual

Data Solver at InfoSec 2018 – GDPR is Business-As-Usual


The always enormous, energetic, annual Infosecurity Europe (InfoSec 18) took place this week between 5-7 June at Kensington Olympia in the heart of West London. The event displayed a breadth of companies including large cyber security providers, information security experts, global consultants and managed information services. Data Solver added its own unique approach to the cyber security through its Privacy Management Software. The trade show included organisations of all sized exploring multiple business opportunities, partnerships, collaborative approaches with innovation at its heart.


Key takeaways from the annual cybersecurity event:


1) Diversity of Companies


Amidst the large companies, this year saw a rise in the number of start-ups providing innovative approaches towards cyber security. With GDPR at the heart of business challenges, it was interesting to see an increased focus on personal information. Traditionally Cyber Security occupied the role of providing services such as interception of cyber-attacks, penetration testing, encryption services, cryptographic keys, etc. It was exciting to see the turn towards breaking down the silos to achieve the goal of protecting personal information.


2) Cyber Security – Security by Design


Cyber Security certainly seems to have taken a holistic approach with more companies focusing on solutions to achieve business efficiency. The focus has moved into integration of cyber security as a part of an organisational design. This aids cyber security to go hand in hand with the ‘Privacy by Design’ approach of the GDPR. Privacy and security has moved into a positive role of business efficiency and performance delivery as opposed to a historical mindset of protection after a breach.

3) GDPR – Business as Usual


Even though the GDPR came into full force just a couple of weeks ago, many InfoSec 2018 attendees said that the reduction in hype regarding the GDPR at this year’s event compared to InfoSec 2017 was reassuring.

InfoSec 2017 had displayed a myriad of companies talking about the GDPR. This year was a welcome change with companies focusing on their core competence. The hype of GDPR seems to have calmed down and moved towards acceptance of the regulation as part of day to day business delivery.

Responses from attendees towards the GDPR was also more measured rather than fearful with organisations taking proactive steps towards finding solutions which can benefit their customers and operational needs.

At Data Solver, our approach towards the GDPR is a combination of ‘Privacy by Design’ and ‘Accountability’ to enable business efficiency and ensure business performance is not compromised. Data Solver’s Privacy Management Software is primarily focused on the simplification of the GDPR, so that organisations can achieve an efficient Business as Usual approach towards compliance.

4) International Collaboration


Data Solver was honoured to be selected as part of the Cyber Midlands delegation at the Info Security 2018. It offered us a great opportunity to engage with innovative cyber businesses from across the Midlands in the UK and from Baltimore in the USA. The approach, services and opportunities of mutual collaboration emphasised a shared passion towards cyber security and privacy, across a global market. With innovation at our roots, we are excited by the challenges and opportunities lying ahead of us with the benefits of future collaboration on both the national and international stage.



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