How we work - Data Solver
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Getting to know you and your business

Every organisation is different, with its own policies of data storage, processing and information sharing. Instead of a generic, off the shelf privacy service, we spend time with you to understand your business and devise a solution based on your privacy needs.

Privacy by design

Privacy isn’t just for the Legal or IT department. It is about embedding a culture of sensitivity while handling personal data across an organisation. The GDPR is complex, we simplify this complexity through our accessible privacy program management making it faster, cheaper and easier to comply.


We work with you during the consultation process, to configure your privacy program management to your organisational needs. This configuration is based on your language and culture. We can also offer and recommend privacy management software suitable for your organisation.



Our expert team will assist you with your privacy needs. We believe in moving beyond a purely IT based tech approach, to provide a holistic solution for your organisation, incorporating ongoing technical and privacy consultations.