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The GDPR Day – 25 May 2018

The GDPR Day – 25 May 2018

25th of May, the “GDPR Day” is here and past. The bell has rung, the initial panic is over and the dust is gently settling. With the UK Data Protection Act enacted, GDPR plays a significant role in defining activities relating to personal data.

The last month in the lead up to this day has made GDPR a household name for companies and individuals alike – for organisations it has been the stress of demonstrating compliance (or at least showing that they are well on their way) to the new General Data Protection Regulations before the D day, for individuals it’s been the increasingly annoying 1000’s of privacy request emails that have filled their inboxes pleading them to stay on their marketing lists. After this hullaballoo, we all must remember that this transition is for the greater good and it is here to stay.

Sure, there has been a lot of hype, but it is actually now that the most important job begins – making these required changes business-as-usual.  GDPR is ongoing and will continue to evolve, just as it’s predecessor.  With companies going through the initial stages of shock, confusion, fear, denial, worry, it has finally led to acceptance. And GDPR can be a boost to businesses as we get accustomed to the principles of data privacy best practices.

Top GDPR Habits to Work by:

  • Personal Data belongs to the individual not the organisation
  • Privacy by Design should become routine
  • Be clear and transparent in how you process your data
  • Ensure your staff are trained and take ownership for the data that they work with
  • Should a breach happen, make sure it is reported immediately to your GDPR lead


So, all in all it is just a new way of thinking that benefits all of us as individuals.  It’s not so scary, is it?  Just remember that we are all on this big GDPR bus journey together and with a little  retraining of our policies and procedures, it will be second nature in no time at all.

At Data Solver, we are looking forward to aiding you on this journey with the GDPR.

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